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Healthcare Consulting Services

Reimbursement Solutions Group consultants help you navigate the complex reimbursement issues that affect your organization.

A seasoned team of reimbursement consultants know the details of both Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement that affect our rural health care clients.


This means we bring you specialists who understand your environment — at both the State and Federal levels — and help you gain control, even in challenging times.



Our Consulting Services Include


  • Critical Access Hospital Designation


  • Disproportionate Share Hospital Analyses


  • Electronic Health Records Reimbursement


  • Cost Reimbursement Optimization


  • Medicare and Medicaid provider enrollment


  • Geographic Reclassifications


  • Sole Community Hospital Application


  • Budgeting and Forecating

As part of our commitment to our clients Reimbursement Solutions Group keeps all of our clients apprised of regulatory changes and provide them with the resources they need to make informed decisions.


We have the depth of knowledge to provide the tools and expertise needed in  accessing what is needed for improved reimbursement.


It is not just a matter of being there, but being there ready to help and doing what it takes to make our clients successfull in a continually changing financial and regulatory environment.

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