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Reimbursement Solutions Group, LLC. (RSG) is a full service third party reimbursement company specializing in the needs of small rural healthcare providers.  



At RSG we recognize that Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement is one of the most complex and critical issues facing rural healthcare providers.  


Our goal is to provide the right solution for our clients while minimizing costs.

Our Services

Reimbursement and Cost Reporting Services


  • Medicare and Medicaid Cost Report Filing

  • Cost Report Reviews

  • Medicare Bad Debt Reporting Reviews.

  • Charity Care Documentation Reviews

  • Wage Index Reviews

  • TRICARE Reports

Governmental Reporting


  • Annual Hospital Financial Surveys

  • Medicaid DSH Survey

  • Change of Ownership 855 Reports

  • Report of Authority Finances

  • Survey of Local Government Finances

Consulting Services


  • Critical Access Hospital Designation

  • Disproportionate Share Hospital Analyses

  • Electronic Health Records Reimbursement

  • Cost Reimbursement Optimization

  • Medicare and Medicaid provider enrollment

  • Geographic Reclassifications

  • Rural Referral Center Application

  • Sole Community Hospital Application

  • Budgeting and Forecating

Our Goal


With over 20 years of experience it is our mission at Reimburseent Solutions Group LLC, (RSG) to provide our clients an affordable alternative for their reimbursement needs.


Wether it be with governmental and cost reporting services or consulting services to provide our clients the proper strategies for  financial success, RSG.



Cost Report Preparation


Specializing in the need of small rural providers we fully understand the importance of proper filing of Medicare and Medicaid cost reports. With over 20 years experience

Governmental Reporting


Small Rural Hospitals need to have the assurance that all required governmental reports are filed properly and in a timely basis.



Consulting Services


Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement is one of the most complex and critical financial issue healthcare providers face.  We at RSG have the knowledge and resourcesto help our clients with all their reimbursement needs.

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